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Stay consistent with the YYS_YYS14 collection & keep it simple, but modern. As the actuator features airless technology, it will preserve the product within longer.

Elegance & Innovation, the YYS_YYS23 containers will ensure the security of the products & consumer's satisfactory. With their slimmer design, this collection will keep the aesthetic sleek & chic.

Featuring a teardrop actuator, two-tiered neck, & elongated cylindrical body. The YYS_YYS2 collection evokes a clean & polished style for any brand. Emphasizing on product preservation with airless technology.

Coming in 6 different sizes, there is plenty of room to showcase different products. The MPS_MPS5225 conveys contemporary & endless possibilities with their slimmer body & unique actuators.


MPS_MPS51019 is perfect for those who like to be transparent with their customers. With the clear body design, people can visually see the products within & see how the airless technology works its magic.

The MP51005 collection showcases a translucent, long bottle design with a exceptional shoulder, a two-tiered neck, & a refined actuator. Captivate the consumer with it's preservation & usage.


A distinctive frosted look, the ERF_GP collection has this pearly matte complexion that is one of a kind. With wear & tear, it will stay consistent in it looks & protect the products for longer shelf life.


ERF_L collection stands with it's classic style, yet still displays a contemporary feel. Made with PET, these containers were designed with sustainability in mind.


Visually pleasing with it's rounded edges, the ERF_G collection offers a chic style. The collection comes in 3 sizes & ensures the protection of the contents within from outside contaminents.


The YT_MS collection showcases a translucent, long bottle design giving a more elegant & expensive style. With precision dosing, it provides nearly 100% product evacuation.


With it's long, sleek body, & no physical cap, the YT_MSB will surely provide a clean & minimal feel. 


Utilizing the drop-shaped actuator, the YT_PAC makes it effective & comfortable for dispensing. Exhibit a clean & elegant feel with the YT_PAC collection.

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