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Tailored Manufacturing for Your Packaging Needs
By carefully refining their manufacturing options,
Akey Group will transform your ideas into high-quality packaging pieces.
Our Services Fulfill Your Manufacturing and Packaging Needs

For the last 15 years, Akey Group has refined their manufacturing options to execute any order, tailored to fit your packaging needs and desires. Based out of California, Akey Group has the capacity to assist clients in any part of the world. Furthermore, we are constantly striving to stay ahead of the curve in order to offer our clients the most competitive and well-rounded experience possible for their business’ goals. 

Whether you need designs involving traditional paper, cardboard packaging, corrugated boxing, PP/PVC packaging, glass, bag, rigid containers, biodegradable or recyclable packaging—we have packaging options that can meet each of these needs. We offer custom solutions for all of your manufacturing and packaging needs because when it comes to professionalism—nothing is more important than how a product looks combined with an alignment of your company's principles.

Put simply, our many years of experience and modest beginnings have not only given us the flexibility to competently operate in the global market, but they have also strengthened our immaculate customer service to better offer eye-catching designs for our clients.

Assisting You at Every Step in the Design and Packaging Process

One of the key concepts that also sets us at Akey Group apart is that we can assist with every step of the process by designing the packaging for your product. This is a service not offered by many other manufacturing firms, and as a result, is something that we take pride in. We understand that for many clients, the focus is on producing the best product, and that packaging design can fall by the wayside. However, we believe that many clients can have a wonderfully creative vision for the packaging of their products and are happy to work with each client to spark that creativity and make their visions become a reality. Instead of having to spend extra money and resources on working with a separate designer, Akey Group can either assist in finalizing and sampling design ideas that you may have or help you choose from hundreds of pre-existing designs that fit your product. 

Innovation is the Heart of Our Business

Akey Group has spent years fine tuning our methods, problem solving and finding realistic solutions for our clients. We are proud of what we have been able to achieve so far, it’s something that we believe sets us apart from other manufacturing firms. Nevertheless, we are always still trying to learn new ways to refine and improve so that we can continue to offer our clients the best experience conceivable. Our motivation to continue to innovate is why our customers continue to return time after time.

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