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Our prototyping services help ensure that we successfully capture your vision before sending off the design to be mass produced.
Our Focus

Akey Group has a sound understanding of what products work best together, how to best engineer designs and how to create unique effects and color schemes.  This breadth of knowledge allows us to quickly and efficiently create a prototype that does not waste resources – or your time and money.  This is especially important for clients who may wish to create customized packaging that has yet to be tested for viability, or if you are ordering separate parts or pieces from different sources and wish to test them for compatibility before ordering.

Efficiency in Prototyping

Our prototyping services allow you to know exactly when your products will be stores well in advance. It’s the ideal time to share feedback and perfect the final product so that it is exactly what you hoped it would be.  With our prototyping service, we remove any of the guesswork in a design and provide you with a blueprint of the final product that you know you’ll be satisfied with.

Whether you want designs that involve traditional paper or cardboard packaging, corrugated boxing, PP/PVC packaging, glass, bag, rigid containers, biodegradable or recyclable packaging, we have prototyping options that can meet each of these needs. We are confident that we can assist with any of your manufacturing and packaging needs by ensuring that we have sample options satisfies your production needs.

Product Compatibility Testing

before your company commits to a large order of different packaging elements, we can assist in ensuring that those parts are up to the standard of your product. We want to make sure that you are getting the best product for your packaging and budget, and we can help you make sure that you are making the best decision for your items.

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