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Superior Quality Cosmetic Containers for All Your Beauty Needs
Rest assured, our containers will provide the optimal functionality for every product.
Our Focus
We have been fulfilling orders for cosmetic packaging for multiple clients for years. We have tried and tested designs for many different forms of cosmetic container and can guarantee their functionality for your products.
We work with our clients from start to finish to create a packaging design that they are truly happy with. The material we use for our cosmetic containers can be selected by the client to match their style, whether it be plastic, acrylic, metal, or another material.
We offer many different shapes, colors, and aesthetics for our cosmetic containers, allowing you to maintain uniformity among your products while still highlighting their individual differences.
Unique Cosmetic Packaging Designs
At Akey Group, we recognize the need for a cosmetic company to stand out from the competition. With many of our competitors, you find the same, generic containers for cosmetics that you can find at any retail store. These generic styles simply do not grab the attention of the customers and they are easily lost amidst the rest.
Additionally, these simple containers fail to convey to customers why this product is special, unique or specially catered to them. Instead, we strive to use our strengths in design and innovation to create the most eye-catching and customizable cosmetic containers possible.

Customizable designs are ideal because they allow our clients to creatively come up with ways to market their products and share with potential buyers why their products are worth purchasing. 

We take these ideas and find ways to not only make those visions a reality, but also take those ideas to the next level and create something that our clients never thought were possible.
Custom Packaging is Available

We are happy to either guide you through the process or help you create custom designs. Whether you have an idea in mind for the design of your packaging, or you are looking for assistance in finding the perfect combination of design ideas, we can provide succinct and comprehensive design suggestions for your brand.


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