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Deliver High Competitive End-to-End Freight Management Solutions.
Akey Group Freight Service was established with the aim of delivering exceptional value to our clients by offering a comprehensive and straightforward solution for their international freight requirements.
Transforming Logistics: Merging Tradition and Innovation for a Fresh and Intuitive Experience

Our company seamlessly integrates traditional values with cutting-edge technological systems, revolutionizing the logistics process. Our mission is to inject innovation into an outdated industry, crafting an experience that is refreshingly intuitive, uncomplicated, and yes, entirely new!

Ocean Import
Ocean Import
Akey Group specializes in ocean imports, catering to both
full container loads and consolidated shipments.

Our primary focal points encompass the Asia and North Europe regions to the United States, encompassing all
major US ports.

We oversee every facet of the import procedure, from bookings, and freight management to customs clearance
and domestic deliveries.

Our airfreight services (inclusive of imports and exports) are tailored to handle your most time-sensitive cargo.

Our dedicated team is committed to ensuring seamless operations and punctual deliveries for all air shipments.

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