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Comprehensive fulfillment services precisely tailored to your needs.
Experience seamless Cosmetic Kitting and Assembly Fulfillment with our comprehensive services, covering everything from straightforward single-project kits to intricate multi-sku assemblies.

Our expertise extends to Pallet-based Order Fulfillment, Pick & Pack Fulfillment, Ecommerce Prep Services and more.

With the capacity to handle up to 900 average kits per hour per line and a spacious 30,000 sq ft facility, we're well-equipped to meet your demands.  
Seamless Assembly Expertise

Our skilled team specializes in flawlessly assembling a wide range of cosmetics kits, from simple to intricate, ensuring each package leaves a memorable impression on your customers.

Efficient Order 

With a capacity to handle up to
900 average kit per hour per line,
our streamlined process ensures swift and accurate order fulfillment, catering to high-de
mand scenarios and optimizing customer satisfaction.
Comprehensive Packaging Solutions

From Pallet-based Order Fulfillment to Pick and Pack services, our diverse range of packaging solutions caters to different needs, including Ecommerce Prep Services, ensuring your products are prepared and delivered in optimal condition.
Versatile Facilities and
Tailored Solutions

Housed within a spacious 30,000 sq ft facility, we provide the flexibility to accommodate various project sizes. Our commitment to custom solutions mean we work closely with you to tailor our services precisely to your business requirements.
Contact us to discover tailored solutions that perfectly meet your needs!
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