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Innovative, Environmentally Friendly
Custom Packaging for Your Brands
Markets We Serve  

Our services are unlimited, and we are willing to work with every client to gain an understanding of their own mission and create a product that appropriately reflects those goals.  We use our experience to provide each client with sound advice about how we can appeal to their desired market and create designs that will successfully promote the product in that desired market.  In the end, we strive to create packaging that highlights the best aspects of the products they’re carrying and we can do that due to our years of working with hundreds of clients across the globe. 

While the majority of our clients are in the cosmetics industry, we have worked and served almost every conceivable market.  


We have the solution to your packaging needs no matter where you are located globally.


Akey Group has years of experience working with clients to achieve their packaging goals.

Food & Beverage 

We use the best in modern engineering to guarantee that your products will be aesthetically pleasing while maintaining complete functionality.

Consumer Goods

We're excited to help your products reach their highest potential with custom, beautified, luxurious packaging.

Serving the USA and Europe

At Akey Group, we strive to bring the most affordable packaging and printing to the Western markets, primarily the United States and European markets. The Akey Group business offices are in Irvine, California, which puts us in the perfect location to assist clients across the globe.  We are perfectly situated to be able to serve clients just across the Pacific Ocean in Asia, while also serving many clients in North America and the United States. 

We are also excited to be able to reach clients throughout Europe and other parts of the world. Our location further allows us to still have access to manufacturing and cargo shipments from the Asian markets, including China and Taiwan. This is of course important to help make sure that our products can reach our clients in a timely manner, and help you get your products out into the market as soon as possible.

Additionally, we still have access to the most cost effective and niche methods of production in other countries, while still having the capacity to assist designers and clients from the United States, Europe, and beyond.  No matter where you are in the world, Akey Group has the perfect brand solution for you.

Your Packaging Should Reflect Your Brand and Corporate Goals

We have a proven track record of successfully assisting clients from numerous world markets and are confident that we can do the same for your business. We have a keen understanding of the market demands in various regions around the globe and know how to make your products more appealing in the markets your products are looking to serve. Because of this, we are able to create design packaging solutions that will not only compliment the credible products they carry but will also meet the needs and demands of potential customers. 

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