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Airless Containers

Harnessing double-walled finesse, innovative pumps, and airless technology, these containers elevate product preservation and enhances user experience.


Utilizing the innovated airless technology, it is capable of protecting formulas from outside contaminants. CS_GR0707C will surely elevate & exude sophistication & luxury with with it's sleek style.


The CS_GR0707B's modernized airless dispensing design also includes the flat top & slender neck pump. With more customizable finishes, these containers can uniquely reflect your brand's identity.


Featuring a sleek design, MPS_MP05131 can provoke a  contemporary feel to it's consumers. Together with the innovative airless technology, the product will be protected & kept hygienic.

Elegant & vintage, yet also modernized, MPS_MP4604 can take elevate the brand as it has a more flat top & bottom. It also features a 3-tier neck, & an effective center dispensing pump.


Chic & unique, with the ergonomic design of

YYS_YYS65-3's actuator, the product can be easily dispensed.

As the container is composed of PP, it means that it's eco-friendly.


Customize the YYS_YYS80 to make it aligned with your brand. With the push-down pump, it ensures the precise amount of product & with the airless technology, it keeps bacteria out.

The MPS_MP4608 features a rounded bottom & cap. The design also showcases a 3-tier neck, disk-shaped actuator, & form-fitting cap that sits comfortable in hand for effortless dispensing.


FB_AB0076 gives off a modern & luxurious feel with it's slender size & twist-to-open cap feature. It absolutely allows precision dosing & 100% product use with it's airless technology.

With a more curve, the MPS_MP6232 can evoke a more fluid & unique aesthetic. Leveraging it's custom pump engine design, consumers can control the precise amount of product.


CS_GR0707A releases the product by a simple press-down on the actuator & with the airless technology, it provides nearly 100% product usage. All components are customizable.

Versatile, unique, & compact is what FB_AB119 is. This design includes a 2-in-1 feature that has an option of showcasing two products. It comes with a built-in mirror, perfect for on the go.


With CS_GR0237A's more elongated container & sustainable PET material which allows customization, it can instill a modern aesthetic that is also luxurious.


Alongside YYS_YYS65-2's bold teardrop shaped actuator, this collection will make your products easy to recognize with it's unique features. Not only it's unique, but eco-friendly with it's all entirely PP material.

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