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Curved & intricate, the YYS_YYS65-1's actuator is easily recognizable. Protect both the product & the environment as these containers are made with PP & airless.


Using it's innovated pump design, the YYS_YYS63 provides precise product dosing. These containers also have a smooth actuator, two-tiered neck, & cylindrical body making it cutting-edge.


While preserving products within, it ensures freshness & longevity. The YYS_YYS62's angled actuator & bold shoulder is suitable for any brand's style.


Airless, double-walled, & twist-to-open cap packaging. The revolutionary YYS_YYS57 collection will provide a modern & chic aesthetic to any brand.


With the YYS_YYS42's unique pump, it exudes the feel of sophisticated & contemporary. Even further more equipped with the innovated airless technology, the product will last longer.

Incorporate the YYS_YYS41 collection to make a statement. With it's refined & exclusive pump design, it is reinforced with the airless technology. Bringing the ultimate satisfaction to it's users.


Exuding elegance with it's curved cap that follows with the neck design will captivate users & lead their eyes to the YYS_YYS39's beautiful angled actuator & body. 

YYS_YYS34's minimal aesthetic provides a polished & sophisticated feel when displayed. Utilizing smaller sizes, they're perfect for travel size & on the go. 

With the YYS_YYS33's curved actuator & rounded neck, it can stand out, yet still remain clean. Harnessing the airless technology, the products will stay fresh & can be used precisely.

Accustomed to the user's touch, with its indent on the actuator, the YYS_YYS32 displays the care in the tiniest of details. Being made of entirely PP, this collection is environmentally friendly.

Create a stunning first impression with the YYS_YYS29's classic & contemporary look. Preventing the product from outside contaminants, the airless technology will keep it fresh longer.


YYS_YYS22's teardrop shaped actuator smoothly transition to the remaining body helps keep the container stay clean & refined. Tailored to the customizations, it can definitely make the brand pop.


Create an extraordinary experience with the YYS_YYS17's luxurious aesthetic. Perfect dosing, nearly complete product usage, & leak proof actuator will ensure customer's satisfactory.

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