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Glass Containers

The use of glass containers imparts a sense of sophistication and heightens quality, elevating consumers' perceptions and fostering a premium experience with your product


The YT_L320 glass containers offer versatile product dispensing with 3 variations, empowering you to select the perfect option that seamlessly aligns with your product and brand.


For the YT_L520 glass containers, they are the same as YT_L320, but a larger size, enabling you to provide more of your product while maintaining the same captivating experience.


Perfect for your consumer's vanity, the YT_LDN030 glass containers, with their shorter and cylindrical shape provides an aesthetic appeal and practical functionality for a stylish display.


Tailored for products requiring smaller volumes like eye creams and serums, the YT_LDN015 containers offer the choice of a dropper or pump, ensuring desired application.


Here we have the YT_L602 collection, displaying a rounded square design, offering a unique visual appeal that can resonate with your brand's essence.

Exuding modernism and chic, the YT_L334 collection a slimmer body, perfect for a range of products, including toners, essence, and serums, adding a touch of contemporary elegance.

With a slimmer frosted body, the JH_L00154 glass collection presents a sophisticated and stylish dropper solution for your product packaging.


Ideal for cosmetic products, the YT_L688 seamlessly combines style and functionality to enhance presentation and protection.


The YT_L101 glass collection features elegantly designed smaller size droppers, exuding an aura of luxury and expense, elevating your product packaging to a new level of opulence.

The YT_L301 collection, with its square frosted body and dual product dispensing options, offers a seamless and cohesive branding solution, making it an ideal choice for various products.


In a larger size, the YT_LDN050 can evoke the same feel as the YT_LDN030, but pack more product within its containers.


Customize the YYS_YYS80 to make it aligned with your brand. With the push-down pump, it ensures the desired amount of product & with the airless technology, it keeps bacteria out.


Designed for serums or essences, our YT_L313 offer desired dosages to ensure optimal application for utmost satisfaction.

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