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The YT_LDRB glass collection offers a distinct shape and convenient pump mechanism for dispensing the product, combining aesthetics with functionality.


Within the YT_LDH glass collection, the frosted body complements the detailed collar and clear cap of the dropper, seamlessly merging style and practicality, perfect for serums, foundation, and face oils.


The YT_L18 collection offers a range of sizes for angular structured glass containers that radiate sophistication and minimalism, embodying a clean and simple aesthetic.

With the YT_LP07 glass collection, the inclusion of slim cylinder containers imparts a high-quality and sleek appearance to your brand and product.


The YT_LD11 glass collection features 3 distinct sizes, each equipped with a detailed collar, dropper attachment, and enhanced by a frosted body for a refined and versatile packaging.

Defined by its sleek and frosted body, the YT_L66 collection imbues the enclosed product with an aura of luxury and quality, further accentuated by the convenience of a pump for dispensing.

Distinguished by its uniquely designed collar, the JH_L00 collection sets itself apart, adding an eye-catching element that ensures your product stands out from the crowd.


Tailored for cosmetic products that needs a dropper, the YT_LD07 exudes a feeling opulence and excellence, elevating the overall feel of your products.


Select the YT_L09 glass containers, a versatile assortment featuring both pump and spray options, providing the flexibility to tailor how your product is applied and ensuring user convenience.


Designed to accommodate substantial liquid formulas like toners and essences, the YT_LT03 glass collection, with its cylindrical frosted body, bestows an aura of opulence and luxury upon the product.


Offering a wide array of glass containers, the YT_L53 collection excels in accommodating diverse product volumes while ensuring a superior user experience through its pump dispensing mechanism.

The YT_L21 glass collection, with its uniquely rounded yet cylindrical shape, evokes a sense of minimalism and

sleek sophistication.


In the YT_L21B collection, with the same uniquely rounded yet cylindrical shape, it is complemented by a clear cap instead, adding an extra touch of luxury.

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