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Here at Akey Group, we strive to serve a variety of businesses and markets, regardless of the size of their project and the level of detail necessary to fulfill expectations. Although the majority of our clients are based in the cosmetics industry, we look to serve every industry possible with our combination of efficiently produced, high quality packaging. 

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Jeffree Star
Cosmetics Packaging

One of our recent larger clients is Jeffree Star Cosmetics, which requires exquisitely packaged and detailed designs that invoke a sense of wealth and quality in the customer.


This client requires us to innovate in our design ideas and use new technology like our Micro Engraving Printing Technology ™ that allows us to print intricate designs and patterns on client packaging. Because their cosmetic products are high quality and extremely vibrant, Jeffree Star Cosmetics expects the same quality in their packaging. We are able to provide them with packaging that is complementary to the style of their products and reflects the same sense of wealth and opulence that their products seek to inspire.

Lifeline Cosmetics Packaging

An entirely different vein of company we have assisted in their packaging needs is Lifeline Cosmetics. A somewhat unique client, Lifeline came to us with the problem that their former packaging manufacturer could no longer supply them with the packaging they needed to succeed as a business. Instead, we were able to use our knowledge of turnkey packaging to locate another supplier that could manufacture a packaging product similar enough to their pre-existing design that they were able to continue production without any issues.


The packaging used by Lifeline is high-end, medical grade packaging that reflects the science behind their products. Instead of packaging that focuses on being extremely vibrant and eye-catching, Lifeline expects a modern and sophisticated appearance to their packaging that indicates the professional, medical-grade products that they offer.


MÁDARA Cosmetics Packaging

Another of our current projects is through MÁDARA Cosmetics. Unlike some of our other clients that look to express the high quality of their product through design, MÁDARA looks to have refined, natural appearances to their packaging to showcase that their products are organic and respectful of the environment.


Using recyclable materials and patterns that reflect nature, we can meet the expectations of MÁDARA Cosmetics for their packaging needs. One of MÁDARA’s focuses is to use polypropylene (PP) plastic, which is recyclable and environmentally friendly compared to other forms of bottle plastics.


Another way that MÁDARA has worked with Akey Group to innovate packaging is to help design a paper tube container for some of their products, namely their essential oils and smaller dropper containers. Whether your company seeks to complement their product through equally eye-catching packaging or looks to set a standard with environmentally conscious packaging, Akey is confident that we can meet your needs and expectations.

Seed Legend Natural Soap Packaging

Another client request we enjoy helping with is creating packaging that is sustainable, eco-friendly, but are also created that ay as well. This where Akey Group can help.


Seed Legend is a natural soap company that has all of these goals for their entire line of products. The packaging, containter, and the creation has to be environmentally friendly while looking high-end. With our connections in the manufacturing sector, we were able to accomplish these goals and give the product a great expensive look and feel. 

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