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Jeffree Star - Cavity Skin Frost Highlighter Palette Case Study

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One of the major industries that we serve here at Akey Group is the cosmetic industry. Through our years of service, we have begun serving the Jeffree Star Cosmetic company by providing them with the vibrant, customized packaging that reflects the style and brand of Jeffree Star Cosmetics.


The ‘Cavity’ Product Package

One of their signature products that they have recently launched is the ‘Cavity’ Skin Frost Highlighter Palette.  This beautiful palette offers four glowingly bright highlight powders within the palette. Ranging from a bright, vibrant pink to an eye-catching orange color, each powder in the palette is packed with bright, reflective colors that are extremely dazzling.


Because Jeffree Star Cosmetics needed to have equally eye-catching packaging to match the bright, stunning colors of their palette, they needed to find a company that could meet those expectations through developing and manufacturing customized packaging. We were excited to accept the challenge and come up with a packaging solution that would complement the products inside.

Our Process and the 'Cavity'   Product Package

Upon meeting with the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Company, we developed several prototypes and mockups for the company to decide upon using our ability to both develop renders of design ideas as well as produce examples and prototypes to be sent for testing.


After a design had been picked, we then created mockups of several different styles and printing techniques for them to consider, giving them even more of an ability to customize the packaging to their tastes. This gave Jeffree Star Cosmetics an opportunity to review several potential features to see how the different elements we offered would look like in person and make informed decisions about what design options best served their needs.


Finally, Jeffree Star Cosmetics picked a design that they approved of for their packaging needs, and we sent the order to one of our contracted factories to be quickly and efficiently manufactured for a fast turn-around time.

Screen Shot 2021-06-24 at 1.41.40 PM.png
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Printing the Packaging for ‘Cavity’  

Using a variety of printing techniques and styles, the packaging for the Cavity Palette is sure to be stunning and eye-catching for anyone who sees it. We first created a base color using coated paper and matte PP material, which was then covered with a glossy spot UV text overlay. The overlay was then covered with a rainbow laser print effect, giving the text and extra shiny and light-catching effect.


The palette’s signature ‘tooth’ image was then embossed on the center of the packaging and printed with a glossy, enamel-like appearance. The inside of the palette is equally vibrant. Featuring an image of Jeffree Star, the center image is also embossed and printed with a similar glossy spot UV effect. Finally, the area around the powder tray inserts is printed with the same backdrop seen in the picture of Jeffree Star and consists of coated paper with a soft-touch coating.

During this process, we were able to capture the bright, loud and vivid colors that are a trademark of Jeffree Star’s brand and reflect that style is a fun and luxurious packaging, and we could not be happier with the final results!
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