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These three glass containers are the ideal choice for building a product line with a consistent and seamless frosted body design. Offering three distinct methods of product dispensing, they enhance the cohesiveness and visual appeal of your product line, making it stand out. These versatile containers are particularly well-suited for cosmetic products, providing both a captivating aesthetic and secure storage for your valuable formulations.

YT_L308 Glass Collection

SKU: YT_L308
  • Dimensions (mm): Classic Dropper: 101 x 74.7 Pump: 108 x 74.7
    Capacity/Size: 30ml
    Material:  Glass
    Type:  Glass
    Component Material: Classic Dropper: Silicone Suction Head / Collar: PP / Tube: PE/ Pump: PP / Cap: PETG / Tube: PE