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The round cream jar is crafted from high-quality PP material, ensuring strong chemical resistance and excellent stability, making it suitable for a wide range of cosmetics and personal skincare products. The JY_2057 series cream container boasts a sleek and sophisticated design that surpasses traditional jars. The thick-walled body perfectly showcases the transparent gloss of PETG material, while the PE liner inside the lid enhances the airtight seal, prevents leakage, and elevates the product's resistance to contamination.


The JY_2057 series cream container is available in a convenient 50ml capacity, catering to your specific product requirements. The refillable design reduces waste and allows you to reuse the container multiple times. The recyclable PP materials are environmentally friendly and can be recycled after use. Choose the size that fits your needs, whether you are traveling or storing your favorite products.

The wide bottle width allows for significant room to customize your brand with high-end finishes such as color injection, screen printing, spray paint, and more.

JY_JY2057 Plastic Collection

SKU: JY2057
  • Dimensions (mm):   50ml 59.2 x 60.6
    Capacity/Size: 50ml
    Material:  PETG
    Type:  Bottles & Jars
    Component Material: Over cap: PETG / Disk: PP / Inner jar: PP / Outer jar: PETG