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MÁDARA Airless
Bottles Packaging


Not all companies have the same commitment to being environmentally conscious with their packaging. In reality, many companies utilize excessive amounts of packaging, or simply use materials that are not recyclable or even harmful to the environment. However, there are some companies out there who are looking to change that tune and are committed to using products and packaging that are environmentally friendly and have less of an impact on our world. MÁDARA is one of these companies and has made it their mission to lessen their carbon footprint while still creating luxurious products.  When MÁDARA reached out to us to create new packaging for their products, we were excited to help them achieve their goal of creating eco-friendly packaging for their products.


Earth-Friendly Packaging for MÁDARA

Not only can the packaging that cosmetic products come in be damaging to the environment, but the individual parts, such as the nozzles and dispensers can be especially harmful. Many bottles and pumps used by cosmetics and skincare companies are made out of nonrecyclable materials, which can sit in landfills for decades.


Additionally, many of these bottles are made out of a multitude of parts. Oftentimes, these parts are manufactured at different facilities, then shipped to an additional facility to be assembled. Each of these steps requires extra time and materials to be produced. This process also expends extra resources, such as unnecessary shipping, for these products to be manufactured over numerous locations.

Developing the Unique MÁDARA Airless Bottle

In addition to being harmful to nature, it also can cost the client more in order to develop and produce each separate element. When you take into consideration the cost of labor, resources and logistics costs of coordinating such an operation, those costs quickly add up. In this way, MÁDARA Cosmetics and Akey Group have worked to innovate a form of packaging for their products that addresses these concerns, limits production and conserves resources.


Instead of a conventional pump system that relies on a straw-like nozzle to feed the product out of the bottle, we developed and produced a form of airless bottle that does not require those parts. Instead, a non-pressurized vacuum system raises the product to the top of the container upon use, allowing easier access to the product as well. The final result uses less materials, is more cost-effective, and has less of an impact on the environment.

Screen Shot 2021-06-24 at 2.45.46 PM.png

The MÁDARA Airless Bottle - Better for the Consumer

An additional benefit to this system is that it allows the user to waste less of their product, as conventional bottles and pumps will typically leave some residue at the bottom that cannot be pulled out by a conventional pump.


This system also serves to help MÁDARA by saving them in production costs, as the pumps can be manufactured with fewer pieces than a traditional pump. In addition to this, MÁDARA Cosmetics has Akey Group’s manufacturers produce their bottles and pumps using polypropylene (PP), which is a recyclable form of plastic.

MÁDARA Cosmetics has a clear dedication and interest in both sustaining the environment and promoting their natural brand, and we at Akey Group are confident in our ability to meet their goals and expectations for their packaging needs.
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