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Lifeline Skin Care Packaging

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Our company does not just focus on makeup cosmetic brands, but on skincare and health products as well. This means that our business must be able to supply our clients with a large variety of different types of packaging in order to meet the individual and unique needs of each business. Skincare and health products can present unique challenges for developing packaging because skin care products are applied in different ways, come in different consistencies and, like any other product, are often created to cater to a specific audience or satisfy a certain business value. 


Lifeline Skin Care Package Design

One of our clients, Lifeline Skincare, is one such client that requires a uniquely tailored appearance and design to their product packaging. Lifeline Skin Care has been producing high quality, medical-grade skincare products for over a decade, and their product is truly fascinating and unique.


Using non-embryonic stem cells procured from unfertilized human eggs, Lifeline Skin Care then uses advanced techniques to separate the powerful proteins and amino acids from the egg by tricking it into thinking it has been fertilized. Once the genetic material is removed, the company infuses a variety of creams and other skincare products with the medical magic from the stem cells.


When taking on this project, we really wanted to create something that would not only reflect the incredible process by which this product was developed, but also capitalize on the fact that this product is powerful enough to stimulate skin and promote a beautiful, healthy glow.

Our Process and the Lifeline Skin Care Product Packaging

To match the high-tech medical grade skincare products that Lifeline produces, they require packaging that reflects the science and medical technology that they use to create their products. Before becoming one of our clients, Lifeline was supplied by a different packaging company that provided them with a unique form of packaging.


Using our wealth of turnkey designs and familiarity with the manufacturing industry, we were able to source nearly identical packaging that still had the same familiar look to Lifeline’s customers. As a result, we were able to offer Lifeline a more reasonable packaging option that did not compromise the general style that Lifeline’s customers look for in stores and are extremely familiar with. 


Unique Containers for Lifeline Skin Care Product Packaging

Unlike other brands that look for extremely vibrant and colorful packaging, Lifeline Skincare’s packaging has a much sleeker, modern appearance that is reminiscent of high-end medical products. Lifeline sources several different types of packaging from Akey Group, ranging from airless pump and bottle combinations to smaller tube and cap styles.


Each packaging decision not only reflected the scientific approach that Lifeline takes with each of its products, but also increased the functionality.  In other words, the various dispensers and containers we used were designed to increase the ease in which the customer accesses and uses the product.  

The final product was something we are incredibly proud of. The color scheme we selected invoked a sense of cleanliness, brightness, and healing – all of which is a cornerstone of Lifeline’s skin care line.  Though every container is different to reflect the variety of products inside, they still flow together to make up a beautiful skin care line.
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