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Jeffree Star- Pro Palette  Packaging

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To make an impression on an already large industry, Jeffree Star Cosmetics needs to have stunning packaging that pops out and catches the customer’s eye, much like their cosmetic products and models. However, they also need to reflect the overall image of the brand and create cohesion between all the different products carried by the company. Jeffree Star is well known for bright, striking colors, eye-catching designs, and luxurious products.  It was therefore essential to make sure that we created a packaging design that would capture each of these elements and compliment the brand that attracts many of Jeffree Star’s customers.


Pro Palettes Package Design

One of the biggest projects we took on was developing a set of packaging containers for Jeffree Star’s line of Pro Palettes.


The Pro-Palette series consisted of three separate palettes: the ‘Brain Freeze,’ ‘24 Karat’ and ‘Platinum Ice’ palettes – and each of these palettes needed a unique, yet complimentary design to capture the personality and attitude of Jeffree Star’s cosmetic products.


As the names of these palettes suggest, they feature powder colors that reflect the luxury and vibrance of gold, platinum, and other valuables, and the packaging needed for these products must also reflect those luxuries. For example, the 24 Karat Palette packaging features a gold coloring with a leaf-like pattern over the top, while the Platinum Ice Palette is a silvery platinum color with a series of geometric patterns above.

Our Process and the Pro Palettes Product Package

We approached this project by striving to capture the intense vibrancy and intensity of these palettes and of the Jeffree Star brand. We first were able to create samples for the client.  This allowed them to see examples of how their product would fit inside the packaging. Furthermore, it allowed them to handle the proposed packaging options, test their durability and determine which materials, designs and styles they preferred in person, rather than over a computer screen.

Once the mockups were approved, we moved right along to producing the final products. We were able to have the packaging quickly and efficiently produced by our contracted factories. 

JS Pro Palette_edited.jpg

Printing the Packaging for Pro Palettes 

For these palettes, we were also able to assist Jeffree Star Cosmetics to stand out from the competition through use of our Micro Engraving Technology ™, which allows us the ability to add extremely fine details, patterns, and effects to whatever piece of packaging or printing we are working on.


The Micro Engraving Technology ™ allowed the palettes to stand out even more than before, giving the patterns on the packaging a line and precision details that inform consumers that they are purchasing a superior product. More specifically, our micro-engraving technology added depth and detail to the Jeffree Star Pro Palettes and lent the brand an even greater sense of value and luxury through our dedication to providing our clients with the best possible packaging.

In the end, we were able to create three unique packages for our client that not only complemented the overarching brand of the products, but also complemented the bright shades inside. The final result was professional, high-quality and incredibly fun to create.
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