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Seed Legend Natural Soap Packaging


Seed Legend, a soap company that puts their efforts into producing natural soaps without additives, perfumes, or any sort of harsh chemicals. Instead, Seed Legend uses ‘soapberries’, a small red berry that grows from the soapberry tree. Using a unique brewing technique, Seed Legend roasts and ferments their berries for 180 days before using the concentrated brown liquid to form the base of their soaps and cleaning supplies. From this solution comes a key ingredient: Saponin, which are natural chemicals found in the soapberry plant that possess a detergent-like quality. By combining Saponin with water and mixing, the folks at Seed Legend created a variety of foaming soaps and cleaners.


A Wide Range of Packaging

The products created by Seed Legend range from soap dispensers, oil droppers, produce-cleaning sprays, exfoliators, shampoos, and leave-on masks - all using their unique method of producing Saponin. This means that Seed Legend needs a wide range of packaging to meet their needs, as their line of products all require different forms of storage and dispersion.


Akey Group works with our manufacturers to supply Seed Legend with all the different types of packaging, bottles, pumps, and containers for their products, regardless of size or functionality. For each product, we take into consideration what the product is, how the product is used, its consistency, color, and how Seed Legends want the product to be dispensed. Then we take that information into consideration to create a packaging option that will highlight the product inside, make it easily accessible to the customer and make using the product even more enjoyable to use.

Designing the Packaging

As another natural brand, Seed Legend also wanted their brand’s packaging to reflect that. To match the hue of their Saponin-laden cleaning products and soaps, we helped them match the color of their packaging to their product, picking an attractive and organic looking purple-brown hue.


Using the Micro-Engraving Technology ™ and our skill in creating printed labels, we also helped Seed Legend design a label that was eye-catching but also fitting the product. Using reflective coatings of gold, we created a label that looks like flowing, healthy hair, indicating to customers the healthy, natural aspect of their products.

Seed Legend Dish Soap.jpg

Seed Legend Natural Soaps
Line Packaging

The final product certainly reflects Seed Legend’s natural roots and conveys to potential customers that this is a company that takes the environment into consideration when creating their products. At the same time, it also conveys luxury and professionalism that attracts buyers. We are thrilled with the result!

Not only are cosmetics brands interested in creating packaging that is sustainable and eco-friendly, but we’re finding that these same companies are also trying to create products that are themselves environmentally friendly. When we work with these clients, we strive to capture their commitment to protecting the environment by designing packaging that reflects their all-natural approach and uses limited resources that are recyclable or biodegradable. We are often required to come up with creative solutions that will both protect the environment while also making sure that the final product is suitable for holding the products and will withstand repetitive use.
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