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MÁDARA Paper Tube - Environmentally Conscious Packaging


It is no secret that bottles and packaging has contributed to a significant amount of pollution and garbage on our planet. As a packaging and printing firm, we have a responsibility to act with respect towards the environment in our packaging endeavors. Between our numerous environmental consciousness certifications and steps towards using recyclable materials in our packaging, we believe we lead the industry in offering the highest quality and most environmentally conscious products possible to all of our clients. We also strive to help our clients find ways to reduce their own environmental footprint by assisting them in finding and using packaging that is cognizant of those concerns.


Recyclable Packaging for MÁDARA
Facial Oils

One of our clients who is especially interested in environmental stewardship is MÁDARA Cosmetics, a Latvian company that focuses on using recyclable and organic materials whenever possible. Unlike similar companies, MÁDARA has Akey Group manufacture packaging made out of polypropylene (PP), a recyclable plastic, as well as glass and other recyclable materials.


The benefit of using these materials is that they are able to be reused and recycled, so that they do not continue to pile up in our landfills, oceans and environment. We were very excited to work with MÁDARA in order to continue innovating and develop some of the best eco-friendly options for their products. For us, the challenge was to come up with a design that would not harm the environment, while also ensuring that the packaging successfully contained their products without compromising on durability or reliability. 

MÁDARA Paper Tube Package

One of MÁDARA's current products is a line of organic facial oils aimed at alleviating the aging process on the skin. Instead of creating unnecessary or environmentally harmful packaging to sheath the small bottles of oil, MÁDARA and Akey Group worked to create a paper tube design system to house the bottles.


Composed of a base with a small cylindrical hole in the middle to hold the bottle, the paper tube then has a top “lid” that can be pulled off to reveal the bottle of oil. Along with ensuring the recyclability of the plastic, our designers and manufacturers ensured the structural integrity of the paper tube as well. The result was a packaging option that is made out of recyclable materials that not only do an excellent job of containing MÁDARA’s products, but also have less of an impact on the environment.


Prototyping the MÁDARA Paper Tube Package

In addition, we supplied MÁDARA with a large number of prototypes, colors, and styles to choose from, giving them the ability to customize their products while still maintaining integrity to their organic and natural roots.


With a focus on natural products, MÁDARA Cosmetics needs a look to compliment that focus. Using natural earth tones, colors, and nature patterns, MÁDARA’s packaging elicits environmentally conscious imagery while still relaying to customers that the product is luxurious and high-end.

When potential customers see MÁDARA’s products, we’re confident that they will be drawn to these products because of their compatibility with the environment and their dedication to lessening their negative impact on our world. 
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