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Aerial view and top view cargo plane flying above ship port in the export and import busin
Akey Group does not consider the project to be finished until you have received your finalized packaging orders.
Our Focus

The logistics process is different for every client, and we take every client’s unique position into consideration when handling the logistics of the shipping process. We work with every client to determine where they want their products to go, how they want them to get there, and what their financial limits are in order to provide the best shipping plan for their products. Our many years in the industry allow us to create strong business relationships with shipping companies across the globe, and our clients can certainly benefit from those relationships by receiving efficient and cost-effective distribution options for their products.  Additionally, our familiarity with your products makes us the ideal option for developing your distribution process.

Providing Help Through Fulfillment

Our dedication to our clients sets us apart from the competition. While other companies may consider their job to be finished as soon as the logistics and distribution phase begins, we still see that as part of our commitment to your project and ensure quality through every step of these processes.  Helping you and your business ensure that you receive your product packaging in an efficient and timely manner is paramount to us and making sure we help you succeed.

Another benefit to Akey Groups logistics and shipping services is that we love input from our clients.  This allows our clients to maintain a level of control and decision making that many other companies may not be willing to offer.  We also offer access to our warehouses and the ability to review or inspect our packaging materials so that we can obtain any constructive feedback from our customers. This not only ensures that you are completely satisfied with how your products are stored, packaged, and shipped, but also allows us to continuously find ways to improve our system and supplies.

Your One Stop Shop

Akey Group strongly believes that we should help our clients all the way through fulfillment. That is why we have worked hard to develop distribution services for our clients. Our customers trust us to design and develop their packaging materials, and so they also trust us to help distribute those products across the globe. We are proud to be a one-stop-shop for both manufacturing and shipping.

See What We Can
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