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Combining sleekness with a more structured body, the YT_L393 offers a modern twist while maintaining a visual allure.


The three YT_L312 glass containers, with a uniform frosted body and three dispensing options, are perfect for elevating cohesiveness and visual impact.


Presenting the YT_L611 glass containers, a departure from the norm, their gracefully curved bodies offer a more fluid aesthetic, representing a fresh and distinctive approach while holding 60 ml.

These elegant YT_L311 glass bottles, with their curved bodies, they are capable of holding 30ml of product. They bring a fresh and contemporary feel to vanity.


The YT_L308 collection, featuring both a dropper and a pump for product dispensing, is the ideal choice for cosmetic products, offering versatile packaging solutions to suit various formulations.

Ideal for cosmetic items, the YT_L335 imparts a sense of luxury and quality, elevating the overall perception of your products.


No product


Select the JH_L616 glass containers, a versatile assortment featuring both pump and spray options, providing the flexibility to tailor how your product is applied and ensuring user convenience.


Featuring a clear bottle and structured rounded cylindrical body, the JH_614 collection is designed to showcase your product's formula to your esteemed customers.


Incorporating both a dropper and a pump, the YT_L108 glass collection offers versatility in product dispensing while maintaining a cohesive and elegant feel.


With its transparent bottle and rounded cylindrical body, the JH_614 collection is perfect for showcasing your product's formula, fostering a sense of transparency and trust.

The JH_L514 glass containers radiate an aura of luxury and premium quality, elevating the overall perception of your products.


With the JH_L374, a designed structured cylinder bottle with a blurring finish, this collection offers 2 distinct pump options, providing versatile ways to dispense your product with a touch of sophistication.

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