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Our Focus

For both smaller clients and large corporations with hundreds of products, contract manufacturing can be an excellent option that Akey Group is proud to offer to each of its clients. It is just another way that we work hard to find reasonable packaging solutions for our clients that are both cost-effective and customizable enough to create a wonderfully unique package for every product. We strive to bring our customers the highest quality goods and packaging that we can, while still offering customization and efficiency in all the services we offer.

Contract Manufacturing for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Contract manufacturing is not only an ideal option for massive businesses with enormous product lines, but also can be extremely useful for smaller, more niche companies.  We understand the issues that many small and medium sized businesses face, especially those that are just starting out. Perhaps your local manufacturers quoted you at a price that is higher than your budget allows you to spend, or maybe there are not any local manufacturers tailored to produce the style of packaging you require. We recognize that having our own local production facilities would cost the client more money and limit our ability to assist our customers from having to place more effort into monitoring the production process. We instead chose to develop a contract manufacturing business model that allows us to select from a handful of pre-selected manufacturing factories around the world that allows our clients to efficiently get their product packaging from a variety of differently skilled companies.

Custom Packaging Is Available

We are happy to either guide you through the process or help you create custom designs. Whether you have an idea in mind for the design of your packaging, or you are looking for assistance in finding the perfect combination of design ideas, we can provide succinct and comprehensive design suggestions for your brands.

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