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Discover NP_UDD's innovative Squeezing Upright Spray Foam Pump with a PP bottle, offering luxurious foam without bubbles. Its 360-degree actuator ensures ease of use, redefining hair coloring and elevating everyday routines with elegance.


Experience NP_DAA's groundbreaking Squeezing Upright Spray Foam Pump, featuring a PP bottle for bubble-free luxurious foam. Its unique design places the dispenser in the center, ensuring effortless use and adding elegance to hair coloring and daily routines.


Introducing our revolutionary NP_PAA Continuous Spray Trigger Pump, paired with a durable PET bottle and an advanced PP sprayer for an even mist with each trigger. Effortless to use and elegantly designed, this combination promises a long-lasting, high-quality experience.

Our round cream jar in high-quality PP material ensures excellent stability for various cosmetics. The sleek JY_2057 series in transparent PETG comes in a convenient 50ml size, perfect for customization and eco-friendly reuse.

Our JY_2072 round cream jar in recyclable PP material combines strong chemical resistance with a premium minimalist design. Available in 30ml and 50ml sizes, customize colors and printing for a sustainable packaging solution that reflects your brand's commitment to quality and the environment.


Our TQ_TQ1011A jars come in three sizes: 50ml, 100ml, and 200ml, ideal for thicker products like lotions and balms. Crafted from recyclable PP/PCR PP materials, their refillable design reduces waste and allows for customizable brand finishes.

Discover our SR_SR2322B jars in 100ml, 150ml, and 200ml sizes, perfect for thick products like lotions and balms with their wide openings. Crafted from eco-friendly PP/PCR PP materials, these refillable jars offer customizable brand finishes while reducing waste.


Our high-quality PP round cream jar ensures strong chemical resistance and stability for diverse cosmetics. The sleek JY_223 series in semi-transparent white jade PMMA features an airtight PE liner, available in customizable 30ml and 50ml sizes for tailored packaging solutions.


Introducing our YH_CJ206C High-End Sealed Cream Jars, offering sophistication and functionality with a built-in scraper and tear-off cap design for freshness. Ideal for creamy formulations, elevate your brand with convenience and elegance.

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