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AKey Group was founded the U.S. in 2009, formed by a team of international, enthusiastic marketers and designers. We believe that building your image is the key to expanding your brand and reaching new customers. With cutting-edge, smart design and marketing you will achieve your sales objectives.

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We have partners across the U.S. and China and we’ve recently opened a branch in Taiwan. The advantage to you is a global marketing and design partner that can introduce your brand and help you find international design and marketing solutions in key markets around the world. We are your one solution for low-cost high-quality design and printing.

AKey Group has vast experience in the industry and we understand how to reduce costs by combining design, printing and marketing services into one effective bundle that will attract more customers. We also understand the consumer and will provide you a professional proposal outlining how we will achieve your specific sales objectives.

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Akey Group is a full service packaging and printing agency. We’ve led the industry in packaging supply, producing projects in paper board, folding carton, corrugated box, PP/PVC packaging, film and label, flexible bag, rigid container, glass jar and can/tin etc. We are also proficient in environmentally concerned packaging made of bio-degradable and recycled material.