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Standards and quality you can count on

When you decide to work with the Akey Group, you can be sure your project will receive the highest-level care and quality control it needs. That’s because we understand that the relationship between your brand image and your packaging is important to your success. To make sure we keep he highest standards possible our quality assurance system includes checks and balances from conception through production. The moment we start a project our team of specialists starts to consider all of your business needs, so we can minimize risk and maximize satisfaction. 

National Standard Requirements
As a practice to ensure quality for our clients, we carry and employ ISO Certifications from the International Standardized Organization in all of our business. Our ISO certificates represent and confirm an international consensus on good quality management practices. Specifically, the ISO 9000 certificate confirms our standards around the client’s quality requirements, regulatory requirements and our performance in pursuit of these objectives.
Our ISO 14000 certificate confirms our focus on environmental management and commitment to achieve environmental performance while working with our equipment. Last, our ISO 22000 certification assures our clients that we regard and employ the organizations regulatory standards for food safety management systems and that we adhere to the global safety initiative. In addition to ISO certificates we also adhere to FSC and SGS to demonstrate that our products, processes and systems are compliant with national and international regulations. 

Akey Advantage
Another of our keys to success is the process we created for all of our projects. We call our quality process the Akey advantage–but it turns out that it’s a simple recipe for quality assurance and technical precision that makes a difference on in all of our projects.

In order to assure the utmost in color quality, we employ our computerized color correction for each piece and every order. Our systemic plate storage system is in place to maximize each and every project as it keeps a consistent standard on the workflow of projects. To ensure optimal development, all of our work environments are controlled and tested for temperature and also assured to be dust-free. The heat and dust environment tests simply assure the highest quality is maintained. In addition, all our products undergo yet another manual quality exam to minimize the risk of defected items. This set of tests along with our high-speed QC scanner, shorten our turn-around work time and assures us overall accuracy on product development.

A Few Extra Steps
We also carry each project thru other tests that assure the utmost quality. Here are a few of the other checks we employ on our projects:

  • Pressure Test: to ensure durability of our products. 
  • Light Test: to ensure that color will remain strong even at long term retail display. 
  • Rub Test: to ensure durability. 
  • Heat Test: to ensure that all products and insignias will remain. 
  • Strength Test: to assure durability and wearbility 
  • Vibration Test: to assure that all products are in perfect shipping condition.  

With this level of Quality Control, the Akey Group differentiates itself from the competition. For assured quality and sound products on your project,remember to consider a relationship with the Akey Group.

Akey Group is a full service packaging and printing agency. We’ve led the industry in packaging supply, producing projects in paper board, folding carton, corrugated box, PP/PVC packaging, film and label, flexible bag, rigid container, glass jar and can/tin etc. We are also proficient in environmentally concerned packaging made of bio-degradable and recycled material.