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  Our Mission Is to Create Innovative Packaging Solution
to Add More Value to Your Products. 

The Akey Group is a Full Service Global Agency that uses cutting edge technologies and techniques in Commercial Printing and Packaging Solutions. Our customers are distributors, designers, manufacturers and businesses who seek the ultimate in brand solutions throughout the US, Europe and Asia.  With over 15 years experience in servicing clients from around the globe, our formula for success has been a three-tiered approach around Quality, Customization and Efficiency.

To ensure the utmost Quality Control for our clients, we created our own standard. Our Quality system includes checks and balances from conception through production. Our clients work directly with our team of inhouse specialist from the conception of projects through production to minimize risk and maximize satisfaction. 

Every company and every client is unique to us and we understand that in every industry there are different needs and standards. When we work with you, we incorporate the approaches to those special needs in our project plans to insure the best solution tailored specifically for your business. 

Efficiency is something we pride ourselves on. Experienced and innovative teams of in-house specialists are part of every solution we provide. This allows us to offer quick turnaround times, seamless communications and an easy to manage project process. Each client has around-the-clock, project monitoring and status check capabilities throughout the project. Clients also have the ability to edit and work with the team on design with the touch of a button through our e-commerce website and proofing system.

If you’re in need of the most innovative techniques and solutions for your Commercial Printing and Packaging needs consider The Akey Group. We are ready to work for your business.

Akey Group is a full service packaging and printing agency. We’ve led the industry in packaging supply, producing projects in paper board, folding carton, corrugated box, PP/PVC packaging, film and label, flexible bag, rigid container, glass jar and can/tin etc. We are also proficient in environmentally concerned packaging made of bio-degradable and recycled material.