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Milk Carton

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Milk Carton

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Milk Carton

Regular Coated Paperboard
Its superior runnability optimizes your productivity and exceed expectations with outstanding ink holdout, sheet cleanliness, and consistency. Best-in-class surface smoothness creates a look and feel that redefines quality. Richer, more lifelike images pop right off the page. Superior fade-resistance increases your piece’s shelf life and color integrity with color-fast dyes that resist fading.

CS1 Coated Cover
White shade delivers crisper colors and sharper contrast while maintaining optimal color fidelity on press. The uncoated backside matches the coated side for dynamic visual appeal and eye-catching graphics.
CS2 Coated Cover
Best-in-class surface smoothness creates a look and feel that redefines quality. A full, double coating on both sides makes images pop—both front and back—on the smoothest print surface in its category.

SBS Paperboard
It has a smooth, glossy coated side and a smooth, uncoated backside that offer outstanding ink holdout for excellent printability and consistent brand image. It combines high brightness and clean-white styling with a smooth glossy surface that makes it the preferred choice to convey luxury and premium quality. Its distinctive clean white styling delivers crisper colors and sharper contrast while maintaining high color fidelity on press—and produces eye catching graphics that demand attention.  It also performs well in scoring, folding, creasing, foil stamping, embossing and die cutting techniques.

Kraft Board
It is a high-quality, coated unbleached kraft paperboard with low density, high-yield characteristics that provide outstanding strength and durability. It offers superior printing and converting performance due to its exceptional smoothness and consistency. Its clay coating provides a consistent, smooth surface with outstanding ink holdout, resulting in excellent printability for packages with strong shelf appeal. Its smoothness and strength offer improved efficiencies in converting machinery and filling equipment as well as strong performance in finishing operations. As a result, it is versatile, taking on virtually any design feature and application, including die-cutting, folding, apertures, laminating and embossing. Converters can use its lighter basis weight to achieve equal strength, and can use it in demanding applications, such as frozen or chilled food packaging.

Textured Paperboard
Wide selections of premium writing, text, cover, specialty and private watermark papers from elegant cotton fiber papers to unique translucent sheets. Luxury and brilliance feelings offer consistent visual texture, comparable tactile sensation and reliability on press. As beautiful as they are durable, these papers offer superior wet strength and conversion capabilities. Ideal for corporates and designers who want to handcraft, luxury and organic brand identities. 

Metallic Paperboard
It has a unique strong metallic looking, highly glossy and smooth surface with very good vertical and parallel tensile strength, excellent folding endurance and smooth surface and creates luxury and contemporary impressions. It's suitable for various types of printing processes, such as, silk-screen printing, offset printing, flexor, gravure, UV printing, embossed (giving an excellent result after embossed).  It's widely used in all sorts of packaging, like cigarette packaging (e.g. under layer paper), alcohol trademarks, food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, cosmetics packaging etc. 

Corrugated Board
It is a versatile, economic, light, robust, recyclable, practical and yet dynamic form of packaging. Cartons are usually made from double wall and single wall corrugated board. Corrugated is a rigid shipping and packaging medium that can be cut and folded into an infinite variety of shapes and sizes, constructed to an almost scientific specification, even allowing direct print with high resolution graphics. It provides protection, identification, economy and performance as it protects the product it packs. Corrugated offers almost unlimited possible combinations of board types, flute sizes, paper weights, adhesive types, treatments and coatings. It can be custom designed to meet specific customer requirements. Corrugated is a natural, environmentally friendly material with an unbeatable record for recycling and recovery.

Plastic board has light weight, uniform thickness, smooth surface, good heat resistance, high mechanical strength, excellent chemical stability and electrical insulation. for food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, electronic packaging and cosmetic packaging. Attractive and economical, folding cartons made from plastic boards are the perfect choice for combining the clarity of a clamshell or blister package with the graphics of a traditional box. Full color printing and other decorative applications are also available. This eliminates the need for labels or header cards.  Printing is typically applied on the inside of the packaging to protect graphics during transit, but they can be placed on the outside of the packaging with anti scratch application. PP and PET boards are environmental friendly and can be recycled. 

Blind Embossing
A production technique in which an image is pressed into a sheet without the use of ink or foil.Debossing - A common finishing process which presses an image below the level of the paper.

Die Cutting
Cutting an image into/out of paper.

A common finishing process which presses an image into a paper which creates a raised image.

A thin metal film which is applied to paper in foil embossing and foil stamping.

Foil Emboss
A process of stamping foil onto paper using a special die.

Foil Stamping
A common process of pressing foil onto paper using a heated die.

A shiny, reflective coated paper.Laminate — Cover with a clear film.laser cuttingMatte Finish — A non-shiny coating on paper.Perforation: The process of peircing small holes for tearing or folding.

PMS Colour
Acronym for "Pantone™ Matching System" colour.

A crease in a piece of paper which allows it to fold easier and without cracking.

Spot Varnish
Application of varnish to specific parts of a printed sheet in order to highlight those specific parts. The varnish typically produces a shinier surface to those spots to which it is applied, creating a contrast between it and the other parts of the page.

UV Coating
A liquid laminate bonded to a sheet and cured with UV light.Varnish — A clear liquid applied to printed sheets, often as a design element or to protect the page (ie. helps prevent ink from smudging).

3D/Motion Lenticular Printing
Lenticular printing uses what are called lenticular lenses in order to create print on your regular everyday packaging that can appear to have depth, to have motion and that can even appear three dimensional without the 3D glasses.

We have experts and specialists to cater to your every need
At the Akey Group, we offer everything a full-service Packaging and branding agency does and more… when working with us, you could choose to have us help you execute an existing concept or go from start to finish with our team of in-house specialists to create brand new innovative solution. Either way, when working with the Akey Group, you get access to years of experience working with materials across many different industries. You also get a team of specialist working within our walls to make sure that your project gets the attention it deserves. We think of ourselves as a one-stop shop for creative packaging solutions.

The following Services are part of our Creative Solutions Program Offerings:

Customized Solution
Bring in your own idea and allow us to help you execute or work with our in-house specialist to create a new concept from scratch. We also provide project guidance for cost effectiveness, production, manufacturing, material and finishing selection.

Design Development
Our teams can help you with both packaging structural and graphic design. The CAD design specialists provide consults and consideration for every project to ensure the best functionality and durability of your product with easy-to-assemble and display solutions.

We offer 3-phases and types of prototyping for client assurance and risk management. Our prototype phases include computer 3D rendering and product sample. Our experience thru the years and many projects has taught us to develop as close as possible to reality in order to minimize risk and maximize efficiency.

At the Akey Group we want you to know, from graphic design and engineering to structural design and manufacturing, we do it all. No matter how simple or complex your project is, you can count on working with us to develop a solution specifically for your business.

Ordering in 5-Simple Steps
One of our keys to success is being easy for clients to work with. Part of our formula is a simple and seamless workflow. From Quote to Development to Prototype to Shipping, we partner with your business all along the way. Here is how simple it is:

1. Quote
After you submit the online inquiry, a personal specialist will contact to assist you through out the project. You can also provide samples of ideas similar to yours for reference including the special finishings or printing techniques. Once specifications are confirmed. You will be able to view the quotes and have option to place purchase orders on your online private account. 

2. Product Sample
Upon acceptance of the proposal, we start to develop a product sample. In this phase we use the actual machine, materials and technique to produce a product sample that will ensure our client’s 100% satisfaction. We go as far as using the correct finishing specifications that will be featured in the real order.

3. Production
From there we go to mass production where we can turn the project around within 4 to 6 weeks depending on project complexity.

4. Shipping
After finishing the product, we ship your order directly to your choice of destination, including your production/assembly lines or retail locations. We ship Door-to-Door Local or Globally. Tracking is provided on all shipped orders, so you can see your products progress thru transit.

5. Repeat Order
Once your business is in our online e-commerce system, it is easy to complete repeat orders. The system allows clients to manage their accounts, make payments, place orders, track orders and ship orders 24/7. 

Akey Group is a full service packaging and printing agency. We’ve led the industry in packaging supply, producing projects in paper board, folding carton, corrugated box, PP/PVC packaging, film and label, flexible bag, rigid container, glass jar and can/tin etc. We are also proficient in environmentally concerned packaging made of bio-degradable and recycled material.