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Aluminum Jar

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Aluminum Jar

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aluminum jar

Silk Screen Printing
Silk screen printing is usually used for simplified graphic and artwork within a small area. The ink is thick and condensed with a little raised touch. It's ideal for design with only few colors (usually less than 4 colors) and for products that need more classic and heavy weight feeling. We are able to print on the bodies of the containers as well as the closures. 

Roll Label Printing
Printed roll labels are ideal for products with a lot of information and description to show. It's run on flexo printers and the graphic and artwork can be printed in full color with various material such as metallic, craft, clear, water proof labels. It's less costly than sink screen printing and suitable for large quantity orders. 

Shrink Sleeve Printing 
Another alternative for label printing is shrink sleeve printing which is used for custom shaped containers. It features full coverage to match the containers' forms. Like label printing, the artwork can be printed in full color with partially see through option. And, it's suitable for large quantity orders. 

In-Mold Labeling
In mold labeling is fused to the container as it is being molded, eliminating direct printing or a separate label application process in the production line. In-Mold Labeling and Decorating provides your labels with permanence, durability and flexibility. It provides safety messaging and decoration that won’t fall off and can’t be removed by the end-user. It lasts the lifetime of the products and stands up to harsh chemical exposure. 

Heat Press Printing
Also called hear transferring, it's ideal for artworks with complex graphics, images and colors. We can print up to 6 colors including metallic gold and silver. It features full coverage onto custom shaped containers and it's 100% water proof and unremovable.  

Color Injection
Custom color injection is available for all the plastic and acrylic containers. Options include solid, clear or frosted colorized finish. Minimum order starts from between 50000 to 10000 depend on the products. We maintain a high standard quality control to ensure the color matching matter for every order.   

Metallization usually used for small parts of the containers such as bottles' caps and collars to emphasize the value of the overall quality. It's also popular used for the double-wall acrylic containers which the processed parts are between the inner and outer containers to create depth of shade and luxury feeling. Common colors include metallic gold and silver. Custom colors are available upon request.  

Spray Painting
Spray painting is ideal for large surface process and works as base finish of the containers. The colors are customizable with glossy, pearl, matte and metallic finishing. Clear finish is also available. Silk screen printing and hot stamping can be applied on top of painted areas. This option is an alternative for color injection with more luxury feeling.  

Matting is a technique to make the containers from clear become frosted. It's can be applied for both plastic and glass containers. It works as a base finish of a container. Other finishings can be applied on top of matted areas. Partially matting process is available for some products upon request.     

Hot Stamping
Hot Stamping is usually processed for small areas with less complex artworks such as logos and brand names. Common colors include metallic gold and silver but can also be applied with various color options such as metallic black, white, red, blue, green or brown… , etc. 

Ordering in 5-Simple Steps
One of our keys to success is being easy for clients to work with. Part of our formula is a simple and seamless workflow. From Quote to Development to Prototype to Shipping, we partner with your business all along the way. Here is how simple it is:

1. Quote
After you submit the online inquiry, a personal specialist will contact to assist you through out the project. You can also provide samples of ideas similar to yours for reference including the special finishings or printing techniques. Once specifications are confirmed. You will be able to view the quotes and have option to place purchase orders on your online private account. 

2. Prototype
Upon acceptance of the proposal, we start to develop a prototype. In this phase we use the actual machine, materials and technique to produce a product sample that will ensure our client’s 100% satisfaction. We go as far as using the correct finishing specifications that will be featured in the real order.

3. Production
From there we go to mass production where we can turn the project around within 4 to 6 weeks depending on project complexity.

4. Shipping
After finishing the product, we ship your order directly to your choice of destination, including your production/assembly lines or retail locations. We ship Door-to-Door Local or Globally. Tracking is provided on all shipped orders, so you can see your products progress thru transit.

5. Repeat Order
Once your business is in our online e-commerce system, it is easy to complete repeat orders. The system allows clients to manage their accounts, make payments, place orders, track orders and ship orders 24/7. 

Akey Group is a full service packaging and printing agency. We’ve led the industry in packaging supply, producing projects in paper board, folding carton, corrugated box, PP/PVC packaging, film and label, flexible bag, rigid container, glass jar and can/tin etc. We are also proficient in environmentally concerned packaging made of bio-degradable and recycled material.